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Below you will see some testimonials from people that had the holistic experience with

The Rajus Panchakarma treatments. Everybody is unique and every treatment is unique.


 Panchakarma treatment is the gate to health.

"Staying 22 days in Dr Raju Clinic was really a life experience. It give you so much benefits and make you considering your body and mind differently. It is a true gift for the rest of your life."

Oliver Gavin

"I thank Dr Raju and his family for the care and attention received during my Panchakarma treatment.

In just 3 weeks I experienced, in a natural way, the regularization of my blood pressure, thus avoiding the use of chemical medicines. I have acquired in this period awareness to live life more "natural" to maintain a more stable health.

The purification process of deep Panchakarma with its specific massages also resulted in a loss of weight gradually and effortlessly Weight loss occurred during the pk and continued doing nothing in the following months for a total of 7 kg."Thank you Dr Raju

Paolo Pizzagalli


"I have had treatment with Dr Raju several times over a 10 year period. My health is steadily improving and I most most grateful for this treatment. Also Dr Raju’s intuitive approach to pulse diagnosis is second to none."

David Andersen
Award Winning Garden Designer
U. K. 

"Dr. Raju, who I first met at Mentmore in the 1980's, immediately struck me as a great bastion of not just Ayurveda but of the Vedic Tradition as a whole.  Subsequently I came to feel the same way regarding the entire Raju family.  As such, they must already be one of the main supporting pillars of Maharishi's fondly cherished plan to re-structure Vedic India to her former glory - Ved Bhumi Bharat. I bless Dr. Raju and all the Raju family for everything that they are! Panchakarma with the Raju's is an unforgettably good experience."



In 1988 I attended a course in pulse diagnosis with Dr. Raju in Seelisberg, Swiss. I expected it would be a bust since learning anything so complicated must take years or decades. When I arrived this little man dressed in white sat in a chair several sizes to big for him. He started talking and I was immediately captivated. What an easy process it turned out to be and what a wonderful teacher Dr. Raju was. The course changed my life in many ways. I learned to listen not only to my pulse but to nature around me. At one point we did an experiment where we took all of our pulses at once. I felt I had a 100 hands and fingers and my heart filled with love and light. The same love and light Dr. Raju radiates to day. Thank you Dr. Raju.

Einar Grondal

"My experience of pk with Dr. Raju and his team in India was deep and enjoyable at the same time.

Thanks to the massage and the treatments performed daily by trained and friendly technicians, and with the use of herbalised oils and natural ingredients, I have benefited from a new flexibility in the body, especially the back, and a deep relaxation of the nervous system. The purification process allowed me to feel light and enthusiastic even for some time after the pk.


I thank Dr. Raju for his dedication to all patients. His great knowledge as a Vaidya, his qualities of serenity, positivity and humility made me feel welcomed, cared for and supported throughout the process of panchakarma. 


I enjoyed the lessons that Dr. Raju normally held during the period of stay of the patients. This allowed usto grow in knowledge,and understand better the process of panchakarma, and deepen the knowledge of the extraordinary effects of the ayurvedic preparations, so useful in everyday life when they return home.


Thanks to the whole family of Dr. Raju, in particular his wife and children that I have had the pleasure to know. Their patients may benefit from treatments of extraordinary power, like the "Banana treatment" so useful for the female physiology and also the Marma therapy. Just for the marma treatment I can testify that in one session, and with immediate effect, I regained full mobility of my left arm which I could not fully raise for over a year.


May I add, finally, that the period of pk spent in India has allowed me to learn, socialize and make friends with people from all over the world and then interact with different cultures. It 'was a wonderful experience that made me feel more concretely that "the world is my family."

Marinella Larghi


My first encounter with Dr Raju was over a year ago, and although I had learned and read a lot about Ayurveda I was amazed and out of words as Dr. Raju put his fingers on my wrist and just started listing every ache and health problem I was experiencing without asking me a single question. His explanations and connections between my physical and emotional problems surprised me by their simplicity and obviousness. The solutions and cures are also simple... you just have to keep an open mind and live the experience.

I had been hoping to go to India and do the pk for years. Finally had the chance to do it a couple of months ago. I never imagined feeling at home the way I did. The feeling of security around the vadyas, the love and devotion of the technicians and the amazing experience were beyond my expectations. I was also very happy to be able to do the very hard but extremely rewarding banana treatment. I'm definitely going back very soon. Nothing I've ever done has put me in touch with my own body and health in such a way.


Hala Abou Chakra
 Executive Secretary
French School of Muscat
Lebanese living in Oman

"Before coming to the Rajus, I was so sick that I could barely walk and barely function, but after a month at their clinic, I left feeling more me than I had in a long time. Their loving care, is truly remarkable. I learned so much about ayurveda but also how to be more in touch with my body and what it was communicating. I cannot say enough about how amazing this family is."

                                                                                           Vi Rucks

"I spent a wonderful and healing time in the Ayurvedic Clinic under the care of Dr. Raju in 2012. Dr. Raju is the kind of caring physician that everyone hopes to find. The cleansing and healing modalities that I experienced at the clinic structured wonderful changes in my physiology that I enjoyed for months afterwards and still benefit from today."


Dara Llewellyn
Associate Professor Emeritus,
Maharishi University

'I always enjoy coming to Dr Raju's clinic. The treatments are thorough, expertly considered and delivered, and always matched to the individual's needs. I like that attention to detail.' GJV



"I'm not sure I'm an expert in PK I've only had a few treatments but I do know Pk Is wonderful it has helped and is still helping me with the big stuff life throws at us.

Dr Raju Is an amazing vaiya he has great and powerful potency as an Ayurvedic master and healer."


Merilyn Diss

"For me to have a regular panchakarma treatment under the guidance of the Rajus, is not negotiable if I want to stay healthy and happy.

It is the best thing I've ever done for my health and wellbeing.

I haven't been to a western doctor since I started regular PK 13 years ago, and I rearely get sick.

The precision of their pulse diagnosis is attonishing. The results of the treatments are lasting and profund."


Cora Bengolea

"i've been visiting the Raju Clinic for over 7 years and its become a big part of my annual health plan.  Since going to the clinic regularly I've never had a cold or other minor illness.  I have more energy and my immune system is great.  I'd highly recommend the clinic to anyone with a serious condition or simply for preventive measure."

Mark Deuitch
Founder of

"I recommend panchakarma therapy at Dr. Raju’s clinic to all those people who care of their body and mind health. The treatments and the medications which are given to the patients don’t find comparison in India and, I can say, all over the world. The technicians are professionally trained  and the herbal products used are of the best and safest quality. Every step of the process is carried out with care for every details.

Personally I felt the benefits of panchakarma particularly  after some months. My general health improved considerably. I feel more energy and the mind is more calm, clear and balanced.

I have to say that Panchakarma at Dr. Raju’s clinic is the best way to heal and to make the other ayurvedic preparations and treatments work faster. It is a therapy that every persons should adopt to live happily and free of diseases."

Barbara Casolai

"Before taking panchkarma with Dr Raju I felt like I was dying, the intellegence of my body was breaking down and I started not to recognise myself when I looked in the mirror.After 23 days Panchkarma with Dr Raju I felt like I was 18 again he restored health and youth to my body and a feeling of immortatlity inside"


Martyn Ouseley

"Travelling around India is always a great experience and if you are lucky enough to do a Panchakarma treatment in an ayurvedic clinic overthere, this is such a gift for  yourself you will never regret about. And India will probably be a place to come back to again and again…

This is what happened to me.  Specially this last time that  I had the chance  to be in Dr. Pavani Raju’s clinic in Hyderabad for a panchakarma treatment.  The experience was even better than the previous ones I had somewhere else. Pavani is very caring and intuitive  as a Doctor, anticipating needs and questions of the patient, she personalises perfectly the healing program for me sp I almost  did not experienced any roughness during the purification process. On the contrary, I felt a rare mind and body  deep  peaceful feeling.

All the members of the Raju family were involved in the process: supporting me, cooking for me, taking care at many levels and also available to  teaching me many things about ayurvedic medicine and the pulse diagnosis  that,  being an allopathic  doctor, I am so curious about. 

I also keep a special memory about the technicians: they were lovely and respectful;  helping with their hands the transformation that was going on  in my body.

I suggest that you try this experience personally, you won’t be disappointed; and when you come back to your home places, people will ask you what happened to you that you are looking so calm,  radiant and beautiful all at once.  ;)."


Chiara Novaresio
General Practitioner 





I have had many personal instances where my health ailments were not found without series of medical tests.  But  in my first visit, Dr Raju garu, took my pulse reading and clearly explained all my health related issues including vitamin deficiencies, acidity and hormonal imbalance. I was amazed by the pulse diagnosis.  I took the medicines prescribed by the doctor and amazingly few of  my chronic  health problems were cured in very short time. 

One more boon for the ladies is the banana medicine treatment which has addressed my hormonal imbalance  in 3 months.



I cannot recommend Panchakarma with the Raju Family at their clinic in Hyderabad enough. The level of care, patience, kindness and attentiveness they give to every patient at the clinic, not to mention the supreme knowledge they have and share so generously, surpasses any other Panchakarma experience I have had. I will not go anywhere else now. Dr Harsha, Dr Pavani, Dr Adithya and Dr J.R. Raju are all fantastic Vaidyas and such a joy to be around. I've learnt so much from them about Ayurveda and how to maintain good health when I get home through the food I eat and routines I keep. The doctors are very available and generous with sharing their knowledge, even providing cooking classes on request, teaching pulse classes and anything else that patients at the clinic want to learn about. The treatments available are second to none and the technicians are very well trained, caring and attentive. The delicious food, the hygiene and cleanliness of the accommodation and the friendly atmosphere at the clinic means that the whole Panchakarma experience is A+. 

I always feel sad to leave the Rajus at the end of my Panchakarma treatment but I leave with the knowledge that my health has improved, I have experienced an upgrade in my physiology and I am going home armed with more knowledge on how to maintain good health and experience more joy in life. Thank you Dr Harsha ji, Dr Pavani ji, Dr Adithya ji and Dr J.R. Raju ji.

Lauren Godfrey

Vedic Meditation Teacher


Love and Jai Guru Deva,

Lauren xoxo


"Healing With the Power of Nature"

"Healing With the Power of Nature"

"Healing With the Power of Nature"

"Healing With the Power of Nature"

"Healing With the Power of Nature"

"Healing With the Power of Nature"

"Healing With the Power of Nature"

"Healing With the Power of Nature"

"Healing With the Power of Nature"

"Healing With the Power of Nature"

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