Banana Diet For The Cycle

Powerful therapy for promoting perfect health ~ Ladies who have gynecological health issues or desire a more profound cleansing of the physiology will be very interested in the Banana Purification Treatment. Dr. Raju strongly encourages all females still having their menstrual cycle to plan PK so they will be here during their period. It is also possible for post-menopausal women to receive Banana Purification Treatment if they know any date or time of month that they had a period before menopause began. The vaidya can then search the pulse around that time for the underlying cycle that still continues in a woman's physiology, even after menopause. Though less powerful than during the days of actual flow, the treatment is still highly beneficial for increased purification, hormone balance, and strength.


"The main action of Banana Treatment is on the uterus ~ the communication between the brain and the uterus. When the communication is obstructed, it clears it—whatever is in the way. And then it clears everything because it removes the blocks [along the way]. With gall stones it takes some time...for liver problems much less time, gas much less. Because it fixes everything that is in-between and clears the way. Whatever is blocking it clears...makes that sankalp [intention] to work." Dr. J.R. Raju


Banana Purification Treatment deep-cleanses the entire body, particularly the female reproductive system. Even if the problems are deeply rooted, significant relief can be achieved from this 3-5 day treatment. Note that if you have painful periods, fibroids, cysts, infertility or other related problems, a minimum of two or more consecutive Banana Treatments may be required to adequately detoxify both the ovaries and related systems. The treatment also helps to balance the hormonal system so emotions become more even and smooth.


Banana Treatment involves taking herbs specially prepared with bananas during each day of the menstrual flow, along with a special, simple diet and plenty of rest so that the body can devote all it's energy to clearing and healing. The treatment draws out toxins from all over the body into the menstrual blood through which they are expelled. A single banana treatment done properly during menstruation has benefits, depending on the person, equal to two or more 23-day intensive PKs. 


Dr. Krishna Raju: “Why is Banana Treatment so powerful? The main thing is the vibration [the use of the Primordial Sounds], and the herbs. Just like the planet is considered as the human (small point), Brahmananda is the universe (vast). Like that the herb is always minute, and it will work in all directions [huge expansion]. Similarly, along with that, the vibration enters into the body and goes into the whole endocrinol system, not only the reproductive system, and creates the balance.

"You might have seen one patient’s case here: just with the Banana Treatment she developed her uterus and even her cervix was not there and that is also developed now. For men we can do Banana Treatment and it works on the Endocrinol system. For male and female it is different with the bodies, so it will make the system to work properly.  


"The treatment is given at the best time of the month because of the power of the underlying cycle. If you remember when you had a period once, then it is easy to find the cycle through the pulse. The menstruation and all these things are due to the influence of the nakshatras, the stars, so the correct cycle is 28 days. We have 27 nakshatras…on the 28th day it starts over. When the nakshatras are influencing the females they [the stars] will also influence the males. Banana Treatment is a good rejuvenation. It is like half or even one full PK in value even when you are in menopause. Even if you don’t have those organs due to hysterectomy, whatever the balance is needed will come from the treatments. The whole hormone system is endocrine, so no need to worry about the organ itself.” Dr. Krishna Raju

The Raju forefathers, who handed down this unique and wonderful knowledge to their family, specified that it should be given free of charge, so that there is no financial barrier for anyone to have its benefits. One only has to supply the bananas and pay for room and board during the treatment (note that all other PK treatments are put on hold during the days of menstrual flow)