Deep Stress Release

During panchakarma we experience a very deep relaxation. It balances the Doshas hence increasing mental efficiency.

Some of the treatments help eliminate deep rooted stresses and tensions.

Principally the stress release during PK is efficiently effective and soothing, yet it's accuracy is very profound.  The Ayurvedic approach is most holistic as one can experience during PK.

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Sleep is the longest and most important activity in a day as it is a well known fact that our body heals more during this phase. Stress has a very direct impact on our sleep, specially these days with the increase in the amount of pollutants in the world. It is understandable why Ayurveda emphasises on the importance of quality rest. Panchakarma promotes better quality of sleep as it realeases body, mind and emotional stresses, and balances the entire physiology. The body rests deeply enjoying more energy and vitality in everything we do.

Better Sleep

One of the aims of Panchakarma Treatment is  to detoxify and cleanse the body and mind. It strenghnes the immune system and leaves the body healthier, stronger and free from ailments.

The Panchakarma Treatment is an unique opportunity to cleanse and rejuvenate physically and mentally.

Each particular treatment acts in conjunction with all the other treatments to reach maximun detoxification and wellbeing.



Balance is a fundamental and important aspect of life. PK gives the support for achieving  balance harmoniously with the most holistic technique available till date.

For many of us, the toxic residues produced by negative emotions and feelings, are more debilitating than digestion problems in the physique.

Panchakarma is the perfect therapy to do this as it detoxifies and restores our body's balance and vitality.


Find Balance
Better Immunity

 It is well known fact that Immunity is the most important aspect in our defensive structure in the body and all people can easily relate to this on the basis of their personal health or families etc. The Ayurvedic system of healthcare gives tremendous importance to herbs, diet, routine and rasayana's etc. This is why it is a vastly diverse subject, as it can be seen in all the ancient Ayurveda books with which the wisest agree.


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